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Maddi gets down to the knit-ty gritty in some pretty damn adorable winter knits.

At least being able to don some of these bad boys is one good thing about the  onset of the cooler months right?…right?

From top: 1. Maurie & Eve sweater, 2. Amy Kaene knit, 3. Sportsgirl knit, 4. Sportsgirl knit, 5. Shakuhachi knit. (Ksubi shorts worn throughout)

Photographer: Daniel O’ConnellStylist: Pip VassettHair & Make Up: Nancy Sea Siler, Model: Maddison @ Chic

A gorgeous girl, a motel straight out of the 80s, and some looks perfect for lazing about in style.

From top: 1. Stolen Girlfriends Club jacket, Therese Rawsthowrne dress 2. Alexis Dawn bodysuit, May jumper, 3. Jolet shirt, Kate Sylvester shorts, 4. Fluer Wood vintage bra, Shakuhachi skirt, 5. Fluer Wood vintage cami, Shakuhachi shorts

Photographer: Bec Lorrimer, Stylist: Pip Vassett, Make Up: Jessica Diez, Hair: Dale Delaporte, Model: Kelsey Martinovich @ Priscilla’s

P.S. A film version of this shoot by the very talented Bec Lorrimer to follow soon xx


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